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Chief Surgeon Mal Practeeeece's Theatre of Horror

A Comedy Horror Anthology 

Three tales of the medically macabre that will curdle your blood and chill your bone marrow, hosted by the grotesquely insane Chief Surgeon Mal Practeeeece.

In Dave and Jeff Versus The Maniacal Cannibal Orderlies On The Missing Floor, by Stephen Michael Lowe, we follow the adventures of morticians Dave and Jeff as they seek to find who exactly has been helping themselves to the limbs of their cadavers.

Hood Rats by Simon Bestwick, takes you into the Pygmalion world of  Mr Ponsenby: a retired field surgeon who attempts to re-educate the bungling burglar Wayne.

My Two Lungs, by Iain Mackness recounts the tale of Charlton Lung who after recently discovering his long lost Siamese twin also discovers the universal taste of chicken.

This is a must buy for those with a horrific sense of humour.

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Dark Smile Productions 2009