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A series of eight comedy audio dramas written by Simon Bestwick        

1 - Map & Steads and Gemma

Everything's changed since Steads 'went away'. His best friend Map now has a good job, an 18 year old girlfriend, and a vocab that doesn't rely on Effing & Jeffing. Is this the Bizarro Salford? 

2 - Map & Steads and the Irwell Pike 

Steads winds-up Hugh - a local student - with tales of mutant pike in the Irwell. When Hugh wants a photo, Map & Steads join the expedition. But if people really knew what was in the river....

3 - Map & Steads: Riverside Blues

Map is still distraught about Gemma. He's even more distraught when someone spikes his drink and the singing snakes come to visit.

4 - Map & Steads and the Squid in the Sink

 Six months without doing any cleaning. What new life forms have evolved in the kitchen sink, and why are they Welsh?

5 - Map & Steads: The Wake

 Pat Boylan is dead. How will Map and Steads react to losing a childhood friend?

6 - Map & Steads: Fireworks Night

 At Pat's graveside the pair drink whiskey and toast the good times, until someone unexpected arrives...

7 - Map & Steads and the Calamari Ring

Gwynfor's back, and he's been kidnapped by the ruthless Dr Calamari. Map, Steads, Gemma, Eileen and Stan set off to rescue him. With the help of a certain whip-wielding PI...

8 - Map & Steads: Wedding Bell Blues

It's a family affair as Steads's Sister Shona ties the knot. Map is getting ideas, Eileen is getting followed, Shona is getting upset, Stead's parents are getting on each other's nerves. The band plays on. But is this the end?

Dark Smile Productions 2009

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